Ethiopia Somali Diaspora community UK congratulating the peaceful federal and regional elections of our country

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img_537604/07/15, cialis usa cheap ES DIASPORA UK On behalf of the ES-Diaspora community in the UK, seek the Executive Management Committee are glad and delighted the peaceful Federal and regional elections of our country and hereby to send their congratulations to both Federal Government and Somali Regional State Government.

The main aim of the ES-Diaspora is working onward development in Ethiopia generally and particularly the Somali Regional State and moving forward leave the Dark Age behind, buy cialis looking toward our country’s development and engage all ES-Diaspora with passion of development and nurturing the peaceful co-existence for all. As Diaspora we are committed to support our regional government’s initiatives towards security, democracy, economic growth and all social development.

Furthermore we the ES-Diaspora are voluntarily take part in the development and advocacy of the peace and reconciliation process in our region and support government and citizen’s views against war and instability. We often use as an example on how peace can deliver for the progress in education and income in all districts, villages and sub-villages of the ES region.

Our efforts in support of our government and achievements can’t be summarised in this paper, but we sincerely commend the president’s policy towards stability, community cohesion, human development and democratisation. We believe that the president Mr Abdi Mohamoud Omar‘s vision and the strategies for peace and development initiatives are continuation of the road that our late Meles Zenawi have built.
With regards to the ES-Diaspora in the UK, the community have recently made real investments in the tourism industry, agriculture, health and education.

Today, we are writing this note to acknowledge the achievements that the current government succeeded to attain for last five years of its governance, the major development that we are congratulating for the ES regional government include the following:

•The huge investment in road infrastructures in many zones and districts of the region, this investment enhanced the economic and social advancement of our region.

•Availability of water, major towns of the region have already access to more than enough drinkable water
•Expansion of the health care and increased number of health professionals are another milestone achievements
•We believe that the central theme for development of the president Abdi Mohamoud Omar’s policy and that of the Late Meles Zenawi which was decentralisation are going hand in hand and we are broad to see the sustainability of the Meles Zenawi’s legacy of help all Ethiopians to help themselves.

Finally, we are pleased the progress that the ES regional government made so far, particularly in the areas of security, education, health, manufacturing and agricultural productivity, IT and infrastructure development, and cautioned that more has to be done as we are not out of the woods yet. As an ES-Diaspora community in the UK, we have to own our businesses and with that ownership comes commitment. We appreciate all empowerment initiatives that our regional government already put in place in order to improve the livelihood of our society.

Although it is already started, we believe that both Federal and the Somali Regional Government to encourage more investment flow from all Ethiopian Diaspora in the UK as well as worldwide, and further to facilitate all possible support and should be taken as an equal partners. As development is a key to Ethiopia as whole, particularly the ES region attention should be given to investment, trade and infrastructure development, equally, promoting and developing appropriate micro and small enterprises are essential to create more jobs for ES youth to addressing and combat unemployment.

The ES-Diaspora made the biggest contribution to the Abay project and passing on good wishes to the Federal government with their success of generating of up to 8,000 MW of hydropower, the construction of a network of roads and railways, expansion of education and health facilities, further improvement of good governance and consolidation of democratic institutions would remain the core-preoccupation of both ES regional government and the Federal Government.

Together we prosper
Ugaas ali takhal
The Chairman Ethiopian Somali Diaspora UK

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